Condensation Control

Condensation is particularly common in homes where there is an inadequate balance between heating, ventilation, and insulation.

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Condensation control

If you have a build-up of condensation or mould in your property, you can trust our specialists to provide effective condensation control measures.

Damp Control can also provide expert advice on how to keep your property condensation free.

Common signs of condensation

  • Black mould growth
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Mould on clothes and fabrics
  • Damp patches on walls
  • Black dots on window frames

Condensation removal treatments

Problems with condensation are worse during the colder winter months, with external walls being particularly at risk.

Damp Control provides external wall rendering services for both commercial and residential properties in Great Yarmouth and East Anglia.

External wall rendering

Condensation Control & Ventilation

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